Open Price: 106.476
Take Profit 1: 106.333
Take Profit 2: 106.128
Stop Loss: 106.947

Trade Result: 

Status : Active 
Published Time: 06.10 am(New York)


Open Price: 1.24384
Take Profit 1: 1.24558
Take Profit 2: 1.24785
Stop Loss: 1.23965

Trade Result: Stop Loss (-42 pips)

Status : Expired  
Published Time: 04.57 am(New York)

USDCHF Analysis

Hello Guys,

Hope everybody is well.
There will be a lot of important news releases in the US today. So trade a little more carefully.

So far we are not getting any good setup yet. The market has moved a lot overnight. At present USD is very weak.

On the other hand, USDCHF has broken an important trendline. Now there is a support zone. If it breaks from here, we can go for a short.

We will publish new signal as soon as we get a good setup.