Euro and sterling rebound after the options cut

Dollar gives back gains

The euro and pound are back to unchanged on the day as they erase declines from the start of US trading.

Today’s trading is a bit like calling a sporting event where nothing is happening. There’s some back and forth but no one is scoring.

The latest pop in EUR/USD and GBP/USD comes after the options cut. There were some expiries and that might explain some of the flows ,particularly in a directionless market.

Whatever it was, the euro is now once-again flat on the day at 1.1749.

Dollar gives back gains


Open Price: 1.17120
Take Profit 1: 1.16956
Take Profit 2: 1.16744
Stop Loss: 1.17736

Trade Result: Stop Loss!

Status : Expired 
Published Time: 02.48 am (New York)

Commodity currencies still under the cosh

Forex news from the European trading session – 20 August 2021



  • CHF leads, CAD lags on the day
  • European equities lower; S&P 500 futures down 0.3%
  • US 10-year yields down 1 bps to 1.23%
  • Gold up 0.2% to $1,781.10
  • WTI down 0.7% to $63.25
  • Bitcoin up 0.7% to $46,900

It was a quiet session overall as the market kept more cautious after the broader retreat in risk trades yesterday, though commodity currencies remain pressured in FX.

The loonie is leading losses as USD/CAD rose by over 100 pips at the highs, building on early gains from 1.2850 to near 1.2950 on the session; now seen near 1.2900.

The aussie and kiwi are also holding lower, with AUD/USD marked down from 0.7140 to a low of 0.7107 before keeping around 0.7120 levels now. NZD/USD moved down from 0.6840 to 0.6807 and is now trading near 0.6825.

Elsewhere, the pound is also under a bit of pressure as cable falls by 0.2% to near 1.3600.

The dollar is keeping steadier overall with little change observed against the euro and yen, even as risk tones are keeping more cautious for the most part.

European indices are down slightly alongside US futures, hinting at a more subdued end to the week although one can’t really rule out another episode of dip buyers coming to the rescue again for US equities late on in the day.

All things considered, perhaps this isn’t the taper tantrum the market was anticipating.

Risk keeps more cautious going into European trading

Dollar holds steadier in the major currencies space

The laggards for today are the same suspects, that being the aussie, kiwi and loonie. And all three are not looking good whatsoever from a technical perspective.

The breakdown in CAD/JPY in particular points to all sorts of trouble for the loonie, especially with USD/CAD breaking the July high and looking towards 1.3000 next.

CAD/JPY D1 20-08

I’d argue that it is tough to see sentiment switch around on a Friday, more so with the bond market (sellers in particular) showing rather little appetite.

With yields continuing to favour a lower pull and risk mired by delta variant concerns, it is tough to find a place for commodity currencies to make a stand.

10-year yields are down slightly to 1.235%, well off the highs earlier in the week at 1.30%.

Elsewhere, US futures are also seen down 0.2% but as we have seen yesterday, dip buyers are still very much in the picture for the time being.