We built FOREX WORLD LIMITED because we thought trading was too exciting to be kept for the few.

Traders ourselves, we saw how the emerging web could bring opportunity to anyone who was ready to take on a little risk and put in the time to learn. We set out three rules to guide our mission to take opportunity to the world.

Trust. With the right licensing and regulation, those who chose to trade with us would be able do so with full peace of mind. We agreed to keep customer funds segregated, so no one would be out of pocket if things went south. We promised to be transparent and honest. That meant no stealth fees and no secrets in our trading stats.

Access. Nothing should be out of reach. If Warren Buffet could trade it, you should be able to trade it. And since you can’t profit from what you don’t know, we offer access to a world class, money-can’t-buy education for free.

Value. We agreed to work to keep the cost of trading as low as possible and to offer our services in a spirit of partnership, helping our customers to be profitable traders, not just profitable customers. After all, if you do well, we do well.

We still weigh everything we do against the ‘three mores’. More trust, more access, and more value. That’s what we mean when we say FOREX WORLD LIMITED gives you more.

Fund segregation

We keep your funds entirely separate from our own operational funds in various top-tier banking institutions. We won’t ever use any of your money for either our own use or any other investment, ensuring your protection at all times.


We use the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) network security protocol to guarantee a secure connection in all communications with you, protect your safety during transactions with us and keep all your information private.

  1. User identification and server authentication policies make sure the data is sent to the right customer terminal and server.
  2. Data transmission is encrypted to prevent data theft and unauthorized access by third parties.
  3. Keeps data integrity and ensures that all data remains unchanged during transmission.

Our Trading Statistics

We don’t just talk about our performance.
We prove it to you.

We aim higher than just resetting the standards within the forex industry – we also deliver the highest levels of transparency to all our clients. The statistics below show exactly why we’re so proud of our trading conditions, which include some of the best spreads in the business.


Email- info.bd@forexworld.xyz